Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair

Your Rug Is Special So Give It The Best Treatment


At Rug Repairs NYC, we take the cleaning, repair and restoration of rugs seriously. We understand how special rugs are to our customers, which is why we go to such great lengths to do the best job possible. Every rug is unique and deserves personal attention and special care from someone who knows their trade well.


When you use our services, you can expect excellence. Whether it’s a small area rug or an antique piece, something handmade or consisting of synthetic fibers, we’ll give it the same treatment. Some rugs are heirlooms, some personal gifts and some are purchased as an investment, but no-one wants to take a risk when it comes to their special piece. Persian, Chinese, Afghan or Flat Weave Kilim…we know our business!


We promise to give every customer the best possible service, using highly-qualified technicians, eco-friendly products and powerful machinery. The end result is always the same – your rug will be returned to you so beautiful and clean, you’ll hardly recognise it. That is our promise to you.


Cleaning That Goes Deep And Leaves Your Rug In Great Condition


After your rug has arrived at our warehouse, we’ll take the following tried-and-tested steps…


  • Inspection – this is to note its particular condition and the specific cleaning method we believe will benefit it best.
  • Dusting – with a hard dusting, all of the dirt and dust stuck deep down in the rug will be shaken loose. We’ll also be on the lookout for dust mites, particles and allergens too. They have to go!
  • Cleaning – every rug needs different cleaning, so depending on the material and condition of your piece we will tend to it with either a dry cleaning or deep immersion technique. When dry cleaning, we will clean it with green, non-toxic products, rinse it with minimal water then pat it dry with soft towels. With deep immersion, it will be put into a shallow water pool and washed gently, again with green products. Either way, it will now be free of pet odors and stains, grime and dirt.
  • Drying – it will then be placed in a humidity-free, climate controlled room. The moisture will disappear quickly, as a result, ensuring no mold or mildew develop. .
  • Finishing Touches – after aligning the pile and straightening the fringe, we’ll give it a final inspection.


Free Pick-Up and Return Delivery Service.


We know how precious your time is to you. No-one wants to waste their day running errands, which is why we offer a free pick-up and return delivery service! That leaves you free to spend quality time with your family or yourself!


At Rug Repairs NYC, we’re just a phone call away so get in touch now to find out more about the extensive services we provide on the Upper West Side and across NYC, as well as to obtain a free no-obligation quote.


Call us today for a free quote and to learn about our services at: (917) 456-8419


Repair and Restoration Services For All Rugs


We also offer a comprehensive anique and area rug repair service. This includes:

  • Color restoration
  • Hole fixing
  • Fringe repair
  • Smoothing out wrinkles
  • Securing edges


Furthermore, whenever we repair your antique or area rug, we will clean it first. That means it will come back to you in optimal shape.

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